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In my business I wear several different hats; I’m an author, an entrepreneur, a marketing strategist, and a mentor. In each instance I find myself in the position of being a curator. I curate stories for my books, ideas for my products and courses, products and information to make the best recommendations, and proven strategies for my students, clients, and mentees. For every product or training I promote to you, at least a hundred have crossed my desk or come into my virtual field of vision. When you see half a dozen people promoting the same product or training you know it is something that made an impression on us in terms of quality, reliability, and potential impact for the online world.

Today I am proud to bring you “Social Biz Box” from Matt and John Rhodes…

They were kind enough to offer me a review copy a few days ago and I am almost finished going through everything. For less than ten dollars you can learn today what I took over a year of my time to learn a decade ago, and that is how to make excellent money part-time by helping local businesses with social media, and Facebook specifically.

I make no secret about my feelings on Facebook; I believe people who want to earn income online are spending far too much time there and convincing themselves they are doing business. But this is different. Did you know I still market on Facebook for two dentists, a hair stylist, and a chiropractor? But I no longer do it myself. It’s all done by a virtual assistant who only does that for me and three other entrepreneurs. Learn the simple steps to get started and you will be in business within two weeks or less.

Local business owners have no time and little interest in doing this for themselves and you can help them make the phone ring in a couple of hours each week and earn good money in the process. My recommendation if you are brand now to this income model: learn everything they are teaching you here about Facebook and Instagram advertising, but do not include that in your list of offerings for the first three months. Offer everything else as you build up to several clients and then run their paid ads after that. Think about it this way – you could find one client and charge them $99 a month for this service. Or you could take on five clients…you get the picture. Email me if you have specific questions about how you can make money with this training. Again, it’s under ten dollars right now for everything you need to get started.
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Last chance to grab April Lemarr’s new package for only $9.95

“Vision Board Inspiration for a New Life” is a complete PLR package you may use in any way you like at

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No Experience Needed for This Additional Revenue Stream…

Amy Harrop is super smart and her new training on setting up a free Etsy store to sell mugs all year round. This is the busiest season and an excellent time to jump in. This is also an excellent family project. – Code EASYETSY brings it down to $17 through tomorrow

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This morning I welcomed my 27,694th connection to my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is very different from any other social media site and is the place where I connect with active people for a multitude of reasons. Sarah Santacroce is now offering her “12 Day LinkedIn Winter Intensive” for only $97. If you didn’t join her this past summer for the Summer Intensive you’ll want to take a closer look at this one.
My Bonus: Come aboard the “12 Day LinkedIn Winter Intensive” and I will promote five pieces of your content to my massive audience of highly responsive connections on LinkedIn. – Begins next Monday, November 4th

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You may have wanted to work closely with me during the past couple of years but couldn’t because of the cost or time commitment. I’ve put together a program I’m calling the “2020 Jump Start.” This is what’s included:

* Mentoring with me during December of 2019 – three private calls and email access
* My “Spring Jump Start” small group program to be held for ten weeks during March, April, and May of 2020
* My “Fall Jump Start” small group program to be held for ten weeks during September, October, and November of 2020
* Your choice of any TWO from my “Really Simple” series – Authority Blogging, Information Products, Affiliate Marketing, or Short Reports
* All products I release on Warrior Plus between now and the end of 2020 (it will be a minimum of four)

The value for what I am offering here is over $2500 USD, even if I offer a coupon for something. This “2020 Jump Start” is available to eight more people (seven spots have already been claimed) at a one time investment of $1295 or a two-pay of $695 twice, no more than thirty days apart. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. This could be the way you and I work together that makes sense for you financially and in terms of how much of your time is needed. The investment increases if these last 8 spots are not claimed by Friday morning.

Have a fabulous, joy filled, and profitable Tuesday and email me any time.

To Your Massive Online Success,
Connie Ragen Green

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P.S. All of These are FREE!

1) “Around the House” – 10 beautifully detailed coloring pages from Rayven Monique – Use Code HOUSE

2) My own Productivity Challenge for 2019…

3) No Cost Through Midnight Tonight (Tuesday) from Alice Seba:

Free 30-days of social media content with PLR rights:

Free tutorial on turning social media graphics into Instagram videos:

4) The “PLR Success Pack” is from Justin Popovic – turn it into your new product!

5) Sharyn Sheldon shares a report that includes “137 Power Words for High-Converting Copy that Sells”


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