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First of all, I am safe. So are my family members and pets. My desert city of Santa Clarita is in between two major fires, the Tick Fire and the Old Fire. We are all headed back to Santa Barbara and hopefully the winds will subside soon. Being aware and prepared is always the best strategy, both in life and in business.

I wanted to let you know about two things of great interest. The first is from Cindy Bidar and it’s her monthly program I have been a member of since day one. The monthly cost increases at midnight.

This is what Cindy said earlier:
As a member, you’ll have access to a complete (and growing) library of done-for-you marketing processes that you can easily add to your own workflow. You’ll skip the whole “figure it out” stage thanks to the easy-to-follow video training and step-by-step checklists that let you move right on to the “making money” phase.

Not only that, but with twice monthly live Q & A calls, a vibrant Facebook community, and an opportunity for a 1:1 call for long-term members, you can skip over the “hire an expert” bit too, and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars without compromising your results. Just come to the calls, and you’ll work through your unique challenges, just as you would as a 1:1 client, but at a fraction of the cost.

Cindy’s program increases from $37/month to $47/month at midnight, so please do not hesitate.

The other is from Erica Stone, the wildly successful woman I continue to learn from when it comes to creating posts, updates, and eBooks to promote my own and affiliate products. This one is reasonably priced at $28 and was just released earlier today:

I sent this earlier…

I have received so many messages thanking me for sharing the “blueprint” I used with my mentees this past weekend when they came to Santa Barbara for a three day private Retreat. It was simply too much to include here so I turned it into a post at:

Blueprint for Entrepreneurship

Please keep in mind some of what is there is time sensitive, so you may want to read it today instead of filing it for later on. And as a teaching point, repurposing your email messages into blog posts is an excellent strategy, as long as you go back and edit them for anything that is not evergreen.

My goal and intention is to help you build a profitable business where you serve the people who are waiting to hear your message. These people are in every corner of the planet and can only hear your message from you. Please don’t keep them waiting.

Enjoy your day. Please read and comment on the post I mentioned above – And let me know how I may serve you today and every day.

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P.S. Some free downloads for you!

1) The “Special Mini Happiness & Gratitude Journal” from Melody Wigdahl – Use Code CONNIESFRIENDS to download at no cost.
She is also including a $5 off coupon for anything in her store. I love what she creates for us to use.

2) Alice Seba has free training for you and this is short and to the point… “Boost Your Marketing with Three Simple Daily Tasks” at:

Scroll down to download anything/everything you like at zero cost.

3) The “PLR Success Pack” is from Justin Popovic – turn it into your new product!

4) Sharyn Sheldon shares a report that includes “137 Power Words for High-Converting Copy that Sells”

5) Dennis Becker shares eight original profit-inducing reports with you at:

P.P.S. Create information products that sell 24/7/365 with training from the brightest minds online today:


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