Online-Marketing, a shout out to a long time student

Hi Online-Marketing,

Early this morning I saw that I had
a notification on Facebook. When I
clicked on the link it took me to the
page of Dale Anderson, a man I’ve
known for about seven years now. He
has created a page where he discusses
my journey as an entrepreneur. It’s at:

Please take a few minutes (less than 10)
to watch the video Dale created and read
what he wrote. And if you still intend
to join any of my online courses he is
recommending through his affiliate link,
please purchase through him.

What Dale has put together is nothing
short of genius. You can learn a great
deal about marketing, relationships, and
much more by studying his methods and
strategies. Here’s that link again:

And Dale, thank you from the bottom
of my heart for your kind words and
putting this together. You have most
definitely made my day!

Finally, thanks to my astute course
members for letting me know that the
webinar replay for Really Simple List
Building was pointed to the wrong page
in the membership site. It’s all fixed
now and you may log in to view it at:

Enjoy your weekend. I’m in a Mastermind
in Franklin, Tennessee but still able to
answer your questions quickly.

To Your Massive Online Success,

P.S. This is the last weekend to get the
best room rate for my upcoming Workshop
in Santa Barbara November 6th – 10th.

Over our four days together you’ll:

* Create Your Own “TED Talk”
* Outline Your Online Course
* Learn Advanced Email Strategies

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